Why Choose a Photo Booth

10 Reasons to choose a photo booth for your event

  1. Photo booths are totally affordable.

  2. Once the entertainment for celebrity events or large branded corporate or sponsored events, the rise in popularity has made the photo booth accessible for any occasion.

  3. There is nothing for you to do and rental times can fit into your schedule. Our packages are for two hours and you have a team member with the photo booth the whole time, making sure things run smoothly.

  4. You can customise photographs to match your event by placing a custom logo on the bottom of the photo strip to make it memorable for your guests or staff. Carry your party theme through to the small details.

  5. It’s entertainment and a party favour so at the end of the night your guests have a great memento.

  6. The best part of the photo booth are all the sassy, quirky props and they are all included. It is standard to include goofy glasses, masks, hats and more to get your party started. Check out our blog for theme ideas or go to our Pinterest page – we love searching for different theme ideas.

  7. It keeps your guests mingling as it provides guests or conference delegates who don’t know each other a point of commonality and conversation starter. In addition, if strangers land up in the booth together it is sure start the networking rolling.

  8. It pumps up the fun factor! There is more to a photo booth than just entertainment, it provides a fun element that no amount of prompting by the DJ or MC will provide. The photo booth will keep guests busy and engaged and hopefully, the novelty of the experience will have them talking long after the event.

  9. It provides a visual record of your party for the future so that the next day on Facebook everyone who did not attend will see just what they missed out!

  10. A photo booth doesn’t take up a lot of space and because they are affordable, they fill the entertainment gap where most other types of entertainment just can’t.


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